TroyToy (troyworks) wrote in cogsci,

Compartmentalization MBTI T/F axis

I'm pretty good at compartmentalizing and contextualizing thoughts, feelings etc, as most analytic types do, putting them into dense a honeycomb like structure, some marked black some filled with golden honey. My mood generally switches based on the average of all the cells currently illuminated by the mental flashlight, and shifts as fast as I switch the beam. e.g. I'm having a tough problem at work and I get frustrated, a friend sends me a funny joke I laugh, and then it's back to frustrated, shift focus someplace else it's whatever I'm looking at.

To contrast this some of my strong F based friends, while they compartmentalize to some degree as well, often the contents overflow into other cells. e.g. they get frustrated by something, they get a call from a distant friend, then the whole world seems rosy. Of course this overflow goes both ways, when an area is particularly bad it runs off into other areas as well.

If perception is like a black and white camera, the F axis might be likened to the degree of blur and either oversaturating or underdeveloping.

Normally I'm wary of emotions distortion, I realized this morning, that evolutionarily both these 'strategies' have strong advantages but not all the time.
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