Justine (jussycornflake) wrote in cogsci,

Are there any E-Prime experts??!

This is a plea for help to any E-Prime whizzes out there which is cross posted hence the cut to save everyone's Flists!

I am a complete novice with E-Prime. Our Uni have given us E-Prime programs to tweak but they have been basic - very basic! I do have a few sample programs with colours and shapes in so I know they can be made but I need some help to find out whether an experiment could potentially be done in E-Prime. I have to submit my project proposal in a few weeks, however I don't get access to a tutor for technical support until July - and if the experiment in my project proposal isn't possible in E-Prime / too complicated then I will lose valuable marks (our tutor marks our proposal and then offers suggestions and then in July we build it with E-Prime tutors - but we only get a day in which to build it in before we run it on participants.) If its not going to be possible then I really need to know asap!!

I need to build essentially a clock face of circles - with no circle in the 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock positions. The minimum number of circles will be 5, and the maximum is still to be determined but it will probably be 19 maximum. However they don't all have to be even if that makes sense. i.e. you could have a possible position for 19 circles but only 5 places may be filled. These need to be filled with 3 different colours. Having pulled apart the program that a friend sent me, I see she has inserted the colour RGB's in the programming. I also see she has specified the shape she needs.

My real problems at present seem to be:
a) I don't have a clue where to begin to write a program - ie what you need to put in the programming although I can see how she has done certain bits (but hers is a very different progam)
b) How on earth do I get the shapes all evenly around a clock face (its because the distance from the fixation target will then be equidistant).

We have programs at the Uni similar to this in Visual basic - however we have to use E-Prime. However I understand there are similarities. Would it be any use (or just confusing) to get a copy of these?

I have tried the E-Prime website and also Googled to try and find help or a handbook or something and I can't see anything.

All help would be enormously appreciated, even if its just a - yes that can be done and its not going to take days to set up with an experts help!! Thanks in advance!
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